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Smart home systems

Tanuki Data is an official Nuki partner offering smart lock solutions that ensure your home’s security while offering convenient access control.

Nuki smart locks can be seamlessly integrated with your existing smart home system, allowing you to control and monitor access to your home remotely.

Tanuki Data is a leading smart home integrator, we bring you the latest in home automation and security technology. Our expertise includes integration with top smart home systems like KNX, Loxone, Delta Dore, Tydom, Smart Life, and more, ensuring a seamless and smart living experience.
Our services go beyond smart integrations. We handle all electrical works necessary for a fully functional smart home. From wiring and installations to maintenance, our certified electricians ensure every component of your smart system operates flawlessly.
We also offer Access Control Systems which we install and maintain to enhance security for residential and commercial properties. This includes keyless entry, biometric access, and remote monitoring capabilities.
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